The reason we do this

The reason we do this
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Why I am voting for Mary Taylor for Governor

Like many Carroll County residents, I find it hard to identify completely as
a Democrat or as a Republican.  The best description that truly describes
my viewpoints is that I am a Conservative. A conservative that is exhausted
by the lack of productive change at the state and national level, that the
establishment has made.  This may be your viewpoint as well. I come to
you from the perspective of an educator, a farmer, a wife, a mother of
three young children and proud citizen of Ohio.
With the upcoming gubernatorial election, I am thankful that I have
found a candidate that fits my conservative views.  Lt. Governor
Mary Taylor passionately defends our 2nd amendment rights, the
right to life, our rights as land owners, and our rights as parents and
community members to have local control of education.  She
supports Ohio regaining a fully elected state school board and opposes
common core. She opposes Obamacare and will advocate for
the repeal of Obamacare and continue to fight against the expansion
of medicaid.  Mary Taylor understands the gravity of the opioid addiction
problem in Ohio and and will continue to build on the efforts that have
been put in place while encouraging new innovations to increase
access to prevention, treatment and recovery services.
Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was the first CPA in Ohio’s history to serve
as the auditor of the state.  Through her Common Sense Initiative,
over 10,000 business regulations were reviewed and 61% of them were
either changed or eliminated.  She opposes raising the severance tax,
and is committed to having a strong working relationship with
President Trump as we seek to achieve energy independence.

The time for selecting who  you are supporting in the race
for Governor has come and I encourage you to choose the
candidate that best aligns with your viewpoints.  As a conservative
living and farming in Carroll County, the choice for me is clear.
Please join me in supporting Lt. Governor Mary Taylor to be the
next Governor of Ohio.