The reason we do this

The reason we do this
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hard Decision Time...

We are new to farming, I have owned this fact and have embraced it.  Until today.  We are being faced with a difficult decision that I would prefer to not make.  It has to do with my first, and favorite cow... "Big Mama". 

Jim and I started our farm in 2004 and made the decision to get into cattle.  We opened up our local paper the "Farm and Dairy" and found an add for replacement heifers.  It was God's intervention that lead us to call this particular number.  Through that number, we became acquainted with the farmer which would ultimately become a friend, mentor and Jim's boss.  We purchased our first three heifers, and our love of cattle began.

Six years later.. much sooner then I anticipated being in this situation.  About a month and a half ago "Big Mama" one of our original three became lame.  We called our trusted vet immediately.  He assessed her and could find nothing wrong with her.  We trimmed up her hoof that seemed to be bothering her, and we rested her.  We have kept a close eye on her, and have noticed much more restricted movement and weight loss.   Her legs appear fine, to injury, no infection.. nothing.. just lame.

Now its the age old question, when do we remove her from the herd.  The Bull is here now and will not be visiting her.  She also did not catch last year.  This complicates the decision that needs to be made.  I think many people have been in my boots.  A good cow, great disposition and emotionally connected.  She is a leader in the herd, and now I think her time has come to leave the herd.  It is a hard, hard decision.  And that is where I am right now.. hard decision time.

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  1. We had a Big Momma. We couldn't get her bred by AI. This was before we had bulls, so we shipped her. We have one named Buttercup. She was one of the first cows we bought. Her udder went bad. We will be shipping her soon. She will be a hard one to see leave. Buttercup was our first winner showing cattle.
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