The reason we do this

The reason we do this
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mama always told me, "Trash in- Trash out"

This is the truth!  My mom has always told me that "trash in means your gonna get trash out".  Now this usually was referring to my latest taste in music as a teen, but these words have been a guiding compass for me even in my adult years.  Today I found my self feeling tired, unmotivated and down right distracted.  While this may be explained by the fact that I work full time, have three small children and farm... this is not my norm.  I started to wonder.. why am I feeling this way, and then it dawned on me " I have been eating trash" for the last week!  I have been eating foods in high sugar, fat, salt and chemical content.  I have not been eating the wholesome foods that I would expect my children to be eating.

Wait a minute.. do I pack them lunch?  Not today.. I didn't have time ( like most days it seems)Because if I haven't been then the likelihood that they are getting food that is fresh, and lack all of the preservatives that add to the list of things my children's bodies have to filter, is pretty slim.  I want a revolution in the cafeteria.. I was to get rid of all of the "heat and serve meals".  I am actually not speaking of my daughter's school directly.  The little school where my daughter attends prepares lovely meals.  However the school where I teach, like most of America's schools, is held hostage to the unmaginable budget and employee desires. (Not desire to eat, but desire of cooking.. or lack of desire).  So what are other states doing about it?  What can we do about it?  The link below addresses what is being done if Florida.

rAgriculural comissioner and the school lunch!

I didn't even realize that the Dep of ed, not the Dep of agriculture is in charge of something as significant to agriculture, like feeding our children.  Lets not put trash in, we'll only be getting trash out.  Lets put good, wholesome food in. (potatoes are good.. just don't fry them please)  We are bound to get GOOD OUT! Lets try to teach our children to be healthy, because at the rate that they are going, the will on the fast track to UNHEALTHY, SHORTENED living soon.

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